Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Donalds Massive Ego & Alternate Reality

By Jeff Simpson

We are going on Day 5 of the Donald's Presidency.  Technically, it is day three because after his swearing in ceremony, he took the next two days off.  Completely ignoring your wife is tiring.

I will say though, The Donald did take time away from his Saturday off day, to let us know that the crowd at his inauguration was YUGE!

The speech that he interrupted his Saturday morning cartoon watching to give, he delivered at CIA Headquarters.  During his speech, he was cheered roundly, and while people were wondering why the CIA, who has linked the Donald to Russia,and Vlad Putin, would cheer the President during a speech, it turns out that now that he has unlimited taxpayer money, The Donald travels with his own cheering section.  Seriously!

Who needs to validation so badly that they need to travel with their own cheering section?

Wait!  There is more.

The incredibly important topic that The Donald needed to spend his first morning off discussing, was the incredibly important topic of ISIS, jobs, the storms battering the US, The official title of Star Wars Episode VIII, his Cabinet Appointments ?  No to none of those minor issues.  There was a much more important issue on The Donald's mind - the size of his inauguration crowd.

We know from experience that The Donald likes to exaggerate the size of things, now he has to make sure that everyone knows that his inauguration was the biglyest inauguration ever.  The Donald always has the best things believe me.

Of course in order to believe that we have to suspend reality!

Maybe the answer to surviving the next 4 years is to suspend reality.   The Donald seems to have done so already! In all aspects of his life. 

Forget the popcorn, I am collecting Spam and bottled water.

shauna ‏@goldengateblond  Jan 20
when camera angles matter

Despite all of the bluster of holding press conferences to yell at reporters and let them know what a big man you are, the one thing that went virtually unnoticed might have been the scariest of all.

One of the Donald's first acts as President of the United States, was to declare the day a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion". I wish I was making this up, but this stuff is straight out of a Dinesh D'Souza movie.

Where have we heard of an overbearing of national power being a problem before?


Monday, January 23, 2017

Wisconsin Watchdog Is On The Case

By Jeff Simpson

The Bradley Funded Wisconsin Reporter I mean Wisconsin Watchdog (Ruff Ruff), did some hard hitting journalism this weekend.   In order to try and minimize the impact of the Women's march on Saturday(which is probably the largest march in history), they had "reporters" (term used loosely) all over and this Tweet was the hardest hitting thing they could find.


You can not make this stuff up!   Our friends on the right even get upset when we clean up our messes.  

Let's hope that someday they clean up the mess of this state and the country that they are leaving us!

PS:  Matt let me help you with that one:

  1. 1:  forming or consisting of a large mass:a :  bulky <massive furniture>b :  weightyheavy <massive walls> <a massive volume>c :  impressively large or ponderous <stars more massive than the sun>d :  having no regular form but not necessarily lacking crystalline structure <massivesandstone>
  2. 2a :  large, solid, or heavy in structure <massive jaw>b :  large in scope or degree <the feeling of frustration, of being ineffectual, is massive — David Halberstam>c (1) :  large in comparison to what is typical <a massive dose of penicillin> (2) :  being extensive and severe <massive hemorrhage> (3) :  imposing in excellence or grandeur <massive simplicity> <the most massive American dramatist of his time — Newsweek>
  3. 3.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

School Visit to the "ARCTIC Zone" Prompts Thinking Anew about Education

By Kathleen Vinehout

Two six-graders recently showed me around their classrooms. Desks were not in straight rows. Students were not waiting their turn with raised hands. I looked around the room. There actually were no desks at all, but tables and different types of chairs.

One student was actually writing on a table with a red marker. I must have looked aghast. The table was designed to be written on, teacher Ali McMahon told me. “We use the table as a way to think out complex ideas,” she said. With a white board tabletop everyone sees the ideas and adds to them.

I recently visited Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire. 

My first contact with students and teacher at the school was in the hallway. They were sitting on the floor with a globe and a basketball. 

“Our basketball is an awfully small sun,” the teacher told me.

The lesson was about the solar system. The students in a darkened classroom were a-buzz with activity, learning by doing with lights, with balls and with IPads. 

The excitement in the room was palpable. Students were eager to share what they learned. How they saw the full moon the night before and, using a light and a Styrofoam ball, showed me the phases of the moon. “Imagine me as the earth,” one youngster joked.

The Northstar students are known as the Polars – their mascot is the polar bear. Therefore, it was only fitting the teacher and the students are part of the ARCTIC Zone. 

ARCTIC (Authentic Real-world Curriculum & Technology-Infused Classroom) is part of an inventive approach to education in the Eau Claire School District. 

The approach, Principal Timothy Skutley explained to me, is an innovative way to teach sixth graders. Originating with the school board’s Learning Environments and Partnerships Committee (LEAP) and begun this fall, the ARCTIC Zone breaks down barriers for learning. Math, science and reading comprehension might all be learned in the same lesson. 

The “soft” skills – collaboration, self-motivation, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication – are learned in an environment where students set goals, learn at their own pace, and work with others to achieve. 

Students stay on track with many different methods of assessment built into their school day. For example, “must-dos” are tasks that must be accomplished. Short assessments follow on-line “lessons”. Each student keeps track of his or her progress in an on-line system.

“We seek to balance innovation and accountability,” Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck, Eau Claire’s Superintendent, explained. 

Innovation is happening in more than just the ARCTIC zone. I visited the Career and Technical Education Lab. What was called “shop” in my school days has evolved into a laboratory of discovery. Students were learning physics, applied mathematics, materials science and engineering all at the same time. Best yet, they were working with their hands to create something new. I had heard about a 3-D printer. Now I saw two in action. 

Students and teachers, school leaders and community members are reimagining public education. And they are bringing legislators along to see what a reimagined, reengineered learning environment looks like.

Lawmakers were invited by Mike Haynes of CESA 10 to view Most Likely to Succeed a documentary encouraging innovation in education.

Our education system is a product of history. Much of what us “oldsters” learned came about in an effort to train 20th-century workers for 20th-century jobs.

However, the world has changed. “Just Google it” has become part of our vernacular when we need to search for answers to questions. Technology dominates much of our activities.

What a 21st century world needs is people who can think critically, evaluate and communicate, who can work together to create something new. We need outside-the-box doers to tackle increasingly complex problems and to be intrinsically motivated to persist in problem solving. And we need life-long learners who view education as fun and worthwhile.

I’m enthusiastic about reimagining education. Rep. Kathy Bernier and I are planning to bring Most Likely to Succeed to the Capitol to view with our legislative colleagues. 

Wisconsin needs a vision of what a reimagined education system might look like and how we might take steps to achieve it. Let’s begin such a discussion.

David Clarke - Coward Of Milwaukee County

By Jeff Simpson

On a recent flight, from Dallas to Milwaukee, Riverwest resident, and 24 year old videographer Dan Black, saw Sheriff David Clarke on his flight from Dallas back to Milwaukee.  As Mr. Black posted on Facebook:

Dan BlackJanuary 15 at 3:29pmJust got off a flight from Dallas, our wonderful Sheriff Clarke was on the flight. I couldn't tell if it was him because he was decked out in all Cowboys gear, so I asked. When he responded yes, I shook my head at him and moved on. From behind me he asked if I "had a problem" and I shook my head no again. When we landed at Mitchell International I had a welcoming party of about six cops and drug/bomb dogs who questioned me for about fifteen minutes before escorting me out. Just posting to let y'all know be careful around our Sheriff, he needs to be in a safe space at all times.
Mr. Black was returning from a wedding he attended in Dallas and Sheriff Clarke was returning, to repack his bags and head to DC because the idea of actually working is foreign to the Sheriff.   However, the one thing Sheriff Dave does well is use county resources for his own gain.

A constituent asks a public official his name and then shakes his head,  This pisses off the public official so badly that he phones ahead (on his public paid for cell phone), and has six deputies and two police dogs meet Mr, Black on landing and escort him out of the airport,

While Sheriff Cowboy Hat has yet to respond to the fact that four people(including a newborn all you pro lifers), he responded almost immediately to Mr. Black, who filed an harassment complaint with the county:

Sheriff Clarke commented on complaint sent to the media:Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out. The Sheriff said he does not have to wait for some goof to assault him. He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault.
The complaint can be found here!

The elected Sheriff of the biggest county in Wisconsin, has publicly stated that he lives life by the Bush Doctrine(attack before you get attacked).   We are awaiting with baited breath if the Fox News Sheriff thinks that same standard should apply to everyone in our society or just him?   If we all are allowed to "knock-out" some "goof" before he attacks us?  If so, Scott Walker better not go out in public!

As our faithful readers know, there's more , there is always more!

Sheriff blow hard, did not just stop at using Milwaukee County Resources to harass a constituent, then use more resources to verbally attack him for filing a complaint, but had to use even more resources to continually taunt him.

The perpetually absent Sheriff's office(you know one in which everyone is paid by taxpayer money) posted this on their Facebook page:

Sheriff Clarke regrets that he cannot attend this juvenile, leftist, anti-cop tantrum. He is pleased that he has their attention however.
The Sheriff is in Washigton to witness the swearing in of our next President Donald J. Trump as we embark on a mission to MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

FOX6 continues to be snookered into fake news. Milwaukee deserves better.

Sheriff Snowflake basically not only threatens someone's life (if someone posted this exact same thing about a public official they would rightly expect a visit from the police or the secret service,

If a high school student posted this about their principal or a teacher, they would be suspended(rightly so).

Not only that, with the divide in this country, and the rabidness of the far right, this is basically sending a hint to his supporters who this guy is and if I were Mr. Black I would fear for my safety.

But wait there is even more!

On the Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office Facebook page has this as their description:

Government Organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
They also have this as their profile picture:

Yes that is the Gadsden Flag Trumping the flag of the United States of America!  How UnAmerican.

 The last time I heard about the Gadsden flag, some far right lunatics were throwing it on the bodies of the cops they had just shot in the back. Nice graphics.

Milwaukee County, this is your Sheriff who is immature, childish and downright dangerous and expensive for the people in Wisconsin.  Dave has one priority, to make anyone who pay who criticizes him and proves time and time again he is incredibly unfit for office.

The question is what are you going to do about it?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Walker Finally Pays Off Presidential Campaign Debt*

Good news!*

Scott Walker has finally, at long last, paid off his presidential campaign debt*. And it only took him sixteen months since he ended his short-lived, Quixotic bid.

Walker tried everything he could think of to raise that money. He begged for it. He sold his unwanted t-shirts and other campaign gear at bargain basement prices. He used every con he could think of. He even had other failed politicians, like Ted Cruz, begging for him.

But none of that worked. So what did Walker do to end his debt?*

He sold out his donors to the highest bidders:
In 2016, Walker brought in more than $823,000 by selling his donor list to other GOP candidates such as U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida; Ohio Gov. John Kasich; and Ben Carson, the nominee to serve as U.S. Housing and Urban Development secretary, Federal Elections Commission records show. His massive list of contributors was marketed aggressively for him by Granite Lists of Dublin, N.H.

The firm trumpeted the massive Walker list on its website as a "great test for conservative candidates, organizations, and anti-union causes" — a reference to the governor's signature law repealing most collective bargaining for most public employees in Wisconsin.

"One of the hottest donor lists to hit the market in years, the Walker for President list is made up of current Republican donors who are not content to sit on the sidelines. They are committed, generous, and sick and tired of the status quo. Actively engaged, they are motivated by the Republican principles of limited government and reform. This highly coveted list is as current as it gets," the website says.

In October alone, Walker pulled in more than $220,000 from Granite Lists' sales of his donor database. An employee of Granite Lists said the firm's founder, Stephen Meyers, was traveling and unavailable for comment.

Walker's campaign had no comment on the sales of the donor list or whether the governor had sold his list to President-elect Donald Trump. But the website Politico reported a year ago that some of these list sales were deals in which candidates using Walker's list to raise money were splitting the cash with him.
For the poor saps that gave him money, finding themselves bombarded with fundraising emails by right politicians at all levels and from all corners of the country must've been a rude awakening. No one wants an inbox full of spam.

Ah, but as the gentle reader knows, with all things Walker, there's more. There's always more.

Not only did Walker sell out his donors, he took a page from his buddy, Donald Trump, and shorted a lot of the vendors that were waiting for him to pay his bills:
In all, the 10 vendors were owed $374,100, but accepted payment of $333,500:

* Tusk Productions accepted a $3,800 cut.

* Superior Strategies accepted a $5,100 cut.

* Shirley and Banister Public Affairs accepted a $1,600 cut.

* Sharp Politics accepted a $6,000 cut.

* Prospect Strategic Communications accepted a $3,200 cut.

* Maverick Finance accepted a $1,000 cut.

* Maseng Communications accepted a $2,500 cut.

* Just Win Strategies accepted a $5,000 cut.

* Ground Game Strategies accepted a $2,500 cut.

* Drucker Lawhon accepted a $10,000 cut.
But guess what, there'e even more!

Walker also sold his endorsement for the highly unqualified Betsy DeVos to privatize the nation's schools:
Federal Election Commission records show that last year nine members of the DeVos family gave the maximum $2,700 donation apiece — more than $24,000 in all — to help pay down the campaign debt left over after Walker ended his GOP primary bid for president in September 2015.
For the DeVos family to spend that much money for an endorsement from somebody like Walker really shows how unqualified she is.

Now all Walker has to do his pay off his tens of thousands of dollars of personal debt and resolve the millions the state owes to creditors he's been stiffing.

*No, not really

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Scott Walker's Political Fire Sale

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker, let everyone know that he finally paid off his campaign debt.  

After spending more than $7 million dollars in about three months, of drinking and spreading falsehoods, Scott Walker packed up his 0.0% support and went back to Wisconsin with his tail between his legs.   The one thing he brought back with him though, (was not his dignity that was long gone) but yet another million plus dollars of debt.  

When your accomplishments are few and far between, and you have massive debt, actually paying a bill is a big deal and worthy of a press release.  

However, like most things Scott Walker, things are not as we are told.  See he did not actually pay down all of his debt, he reneged on his contracts and screwing his vendors out of money they earned(earned being a stretch since they helped him reach an approval rating of 0%).

That, or a group of political consultants have been overcharging everyone else on the campaign trail!

Here is a list of them, with how much they have excused, or been screwed out of, their original bill.  I highly recommend that if anyone in the political world has hired these firms, they are obviously up for renegotiating a lower price or else have massively over billed you.  '
In addition, Walker got a hand out of debt from 10 consultants who wrote off about $40,600 owed by the former presidential candidate.
In a filing with the Federal Elections Commission, Walker's campaign said it had reached settlements with 10 vendors in which they agreed to accept less than the full amount owed to them to ensure they got some payment as soon as possible.
In all, the 10 vendors were owed $374,100, but accepted payment of $333,500:
* Tusk Productions (a fundraising firm that could not raise enough to pay themselves) accepted a $3,800 cut.
Superior Strategies accepted a $5,100 cut.
* Shirley and Banister Public Affairs accepted a $1,600 cut.
* Sharp Politics accepted a $6,000 cut.
* Prospect Strategic Communications accepted a $3,200 cut.
* Maverick Finance (another fundraising firm that failed)accepted a $1,000 cut.
* Maseng Communications accepted a $2,500 cut.
* Just Win Strategies(insert own joke here) accepted a $5,000 cut.
* Ground Game Strategies accepted a $2,500 cut.
* Drucker Lawhon accepted a $10,000 cut. 

What is also interesting, is while firms he worked with had to eat about 41k of unpaid bills, Walker has $59000 in the bank still(you do that math).  

What I find curious is how can you hire ten different firms that all do the same thing, help promote your big and bold reforms, and when you take your show on the road you sink faster than a Wisconsin Cheese log.

What I am not the least bit surprised about, of the $8 Million dollars spent on campaigning in three months, none of it was in Wisconsin.  

As the Wisconsin long term debt account has found out, Mr. Walker has never been very good with numbers.  Unfortunately, our children will find that out the hard way!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reince Priebus: Two-Faced Packers Fan

After that grueling game in which the Green Bay Packers gave Wisconsin a collective heart attack before kicking a clutch field goal to win the game as time was expiring, Kenosha native Reince Priebus celebrated like any Packer fan:

Well, good for him! Or is it?

This is a picture from a couple of years ago, as that game ended, taken in the skybox of Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys:

We already knew that Chis Christie was a Cowboys fan and cronies with Jones, but why is Priebus looking so maudlin?  Is it because he's a typical two-faced Republican? I think so.

But more to the point, how can anyone believe a word Priebus says if he would lie about something so basic and easily caught like this?

Friday, January 13, 2017

New DNR Report: Who Should Pay to Protect & Encourage Fish & Wildlife

By Kathleen Vinehout 

Wisconsin is number one in hunting! Don’t take it from me. The Department of Natural Resources has studies to back it up.
A new DNR report noted Wisconsin had the number one Boone and Crockett Trophy whitetail entries from 2005-2010 and the number one black beer harvest of all states.
Wisconsinites hunt deer at nearly three times the US rate and fist at twice the US rate. We lead the nation in world record musky caught and are the reigning world record holder of brown trout.
According to the DNR report, which included options to fund wildlife management, Wisconsin is number one in annual revenue from hunting - $2,833 per hunter or $2.5 billion.
Yet funds to manage Wisconsin’s fish, wildlife and habitat have not kept up with needs. In fact, revenue dropped by nearly four million dollars in the past five years. Officials estimate the gap between authorized expenses and revenue is $4 - $6 million a year. Anticipating less revenue, the DNR looked for ways to spend less, which resulted in staff reductions and cuts to programs.
For example, with a 15% vacancy in fisheries management, there are fewer fish surveys and less accurate information for anglers. There was a significant reduction in the stocking of larger walleye.
With a 12% vacancy in wildlife management, there is less assistance provided to landowners for habitat development. The DNR reduced collaboration with conservation groups on habitat development and reduced trout improvement work. Pheasant restocking was cut in half. Two thousand acres of wetland impoundments were left unmanaged.
With 10% fewer conservation wardens, there are fewer patrols and less enforcement of hunting and fishing rules.
Our state leans on hunters and anglers to fund wildlife programs. Wisconsin ranks in the top ten states for tapping license fees to fund wildlife management.
The DNR reports, “Nearly ninety percent of revenue to manage the state’s fish and wildlife resources comes from hunting, fishing and trapping license fees and the federal excise tax on the sale of hunting and fishing equipment including firearms and ammunition and a portion of the gas tax attributable to motor boats and small engines.”
There is no similar fee to protect non-hunted species. The report quotes federal sources describing funds needed to protect the 12,000 or so species in State Wildlife Action Plans that are “in greatest conservation need”.
The heavy reliance on license fees is concerning as the number of hunters and anglers decrease. For instance, gun deer hunting has dropped by 12% from its peak in 1999. Several efforts by lawmakers to increase the number of hunters and anglers failed and left bigger holes in the DNR budget.
For example, in 2011 lawmakers passed a bill that included a reduction in fees for first-time hunting and fishing license purchases. Surveys later found reduced fees had little impact on increasing the number of licenses sold. Eighty percent of first-time-license-buyers did not even know about the discount until they paid for the license and most did not continue buying in successive years.
The DNR report stated the need to sell “four times as many resident first-time-buyer licenses and two times as many nonresident first-time-buyer licenses to break even”.
The report details several options for lawmakers in the upcoming budget debate. Ideas include raising fees, standardizing license discounts, eliminating the failed “first-time-buyer” program. In addition, the report suggests new ways to encourage and better serve hunters and anglers with automatic license renewal, gift cards, loyalty discounts and increased flexibility for combination license buyers.
Does rehabbing a trout stream benefit you if you don’t fish? You bet it does.
The report reviews a great deal of economic data related to our natural resources. The upshot? Businesses locate and new businesses start where people want to live and people value a high level of scenic and natural amenities.
The report documented that people want to share in the protection of our natural resources. Maybe it’s time to spread the cost of protection over more than just the hunters and anglers, as Minnesota did with their legacy fund to benefit natural resources.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Marketplace of One Idea

By Jeff Simpson

By now, most people that follow politics, know that the WISGOP are setting the stage to seriously cut UW System funding, or at the very least make them pay for educating Wisconsinites.

It started a few weeks ago when Sen, nASS complained about a class on the Problem with Whiteness, apparently no one had cleared the syllabus with Big Government Steve.

Then he saw that there was a class on masculinity.   In this current rape culture we have created, and with a testosterone deficiency of his own, nAss through another hissy fit and really let them have it.  While nASS is great for a lunatic quote and good press, most people in Wisconsin tend to just ignore him.

nASS has long been at war with UW System, and higher education.

Then as if trying to control every class on every campus isn't enough, then the Republicans let it be known that if they do not start booking more right wing speakers then they would be punished.

This time, Robin Vos (R-Adulterer) jumped on the crazy train.   

"Perhaps what could be most worrisome about going to college these days is the plague of political correctness that creates an environment that ends up stifling free speech," Vos wrote. "I challenge the UW System this school year to find more ways, beyond a two-page policy statement, to ensure that all perspectives, including conservative ones, are present in the classroom."
Apparently too much beer has went to Robin Vos (R- Birth control is as important as water) head and he forgets that in 2013, Robin Vos did something completely unprecedented.   Robin Vos (R-petty, spiteful, little man), went to the closed Democratic caucus, told them that there was no chance of them getting any budget amendment even heard on the floor so do not even try.  The Democrats then did not offer any amendments, which led to Robin Vos being in complete disbelief.

"I'm disappointed, but I can tell you I'm not surprised," said Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who says he believes the Democrats strategy will be seen as a failure.
Rep. Vos says he has never seen such a tactic employed during his entire political career, but Democrats say it was Vos who prompted their actions. 

 Like the aronists who burned down his workplace and can't believe that there is no need for him to show up to work the next day, Robin Vos (R- Hingst) now tells us he wants "all perspectives" are present.

Yet nothing in his career, past or present, has shown anything but a lust for power and doing what he is told by the masters at ALEC.  Even now saying he wants to make sure he gets more broad support for bills before he brings them to the floor.

 You will hear lots of faux outrage the next few weeks about the WISGOP wanting a "marketplace of ideas" and yet the reality is they want to make sure you hear their message, and no other.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Paul Ryan Builds A Wall - And We All Pay

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Teen Vogue(seriously):

Paul Ryan, who ducked all debates with his Democratic Opponent Ryan Solen, decided spending millions in his district to get re-elected to his heavily gerrymandered seat, has decided to tell us what he stands for AFTER the election.

Ryan has come out now and said he plans to defund Planned Parenthood.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that Republicans would slash federal dollars for Planned Parenthood as part of the GOP effort to repeal the health care law.

Of course the incredible benefits and importance of what Planned Parenthood actually does is another blog altogether.  I want to focus on Paul Ryan's cowardice here.   The guy who would not debate his opponents, or even campaign in his district (because people knew who he was), first order of business (well second, his first order of business was to try and gut the nonpartisan ethics watchdog agency) was to do something he never once campaigned on.  

In our Constitutionally limited representative democracy, how it is supposed to work, is people who want to serve the public good, lay out their positions when they run for office.  Then voters know who each person is and vote according to the people who best represent their views.

In our current version of something we call a democracy, we get inundated with millions of dolalrs of smear ads, poor press and celebrity worshiping and end up with politicians who campaign one way and govern completely opposite.

In our Constitutionally limited representative democracy, when your representatives are not representing you, you organize via getting together with friends or like minded people, and/or starting a petition to get the voice of many people in a short time and/or go speak with your representative and try and reason with them.

Planned Parenthood decided to do the petition and deliver it personally to attempt to reason with Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.)  A few dozen women, armed in pink Planned Parenthood logoed T-shirts, were sure they could visit the Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position in Government, and explain to him that the Government does not actually fund Planned Parenthood(along with delivering their petitions with close to 100,000 signatures).

The thing is, the federal government doesn’t actually “fund” Planned Parenthood. There’s no big check or bag of money that goes to the reproductive and sexual healthcare provider and their affiliate clinics throughout the country each year. Rather, the federal funds that do go to Planned Parenthood all happen in the form of reimbursements for services rendered through Medicaid, the federal and state program that provides health insurance to the working poor, and Title X, the federal family planning program for low-income Americans. Furthermore, because of the Hyde Amendment passed in 1976, no federal funding can in any way go toward abortion services; abortion is the only medical procedure explicitly banned from Medicaid coverage.
Of course  the guy who "opposed" Trump, and is good friends with this guy:

Decided that he was so secure in his argument that the best way to address a few dozen ladies in pink shirts, was to hide.   Not only did he hide, he spent a ton of  taxpayer money to do just that.

These are the women he is scared of:

Paul Ryan built his own wall, but this one was to keep fellow Americans and constituents out.   Paul Ryan called in 6 security officers to guard the doors to his office and shield Congressman Ryan from hearing any information that would not square up with pleasing his corporate masters.  

This is the scene of his office that needed taxpayer funded security called for:

Be prepared on January 29th, we will be part of the proverbial snowball, with you know who steering:

Friday, January 6, 2017

Scott Walker - The End Is Near!

By Jeff Simpson 

Scott Walker, in a recent economic forum speech, put his shades on and gave a speech about the future of Wisconsin.   

MADISON — At a recent state economic summit, Gov. Scott Walker slipped on a pair of sunglasses and quoted the 1980s tune "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades."
"You think about the future of this state, it really is exciting — not just where we’re at now, but where we’re headed," Walker said as the audience chuckled.
it is a sad state of affairs that when the Governor of your state, at an economic summit, says it is exciting where the state is headed and it is a punchline that draws laughter.   

However, what is even more telling is that fact that Scott Walker quoted a song about impending nuclear disaster.  

 Well I'm well aware of the world out there,getting blown all to bits, but what do I care?
Then there is the last verse of the song:

  • Blowin' up the lab,
  • Torn between two evils,
  • I always pick the lesser.

Knowing Walker's feelings toward education, you see how fitting this is, but I digress.   Scott Walker spent lots of time this summer, drinking and not working, with The Donald, so he knows as well as anyone the impending disaster.  

TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain.
Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn`t fight back with a nuke?
  MATTHEWS: OK. The trouble is, when you said that, the whole world heard it. David Cameron in Britain heard it. The Japanese, where we bombed them in 45, heard it. They`re hearing a guy running for president of the United States talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to hear that about an American president.
TRUMP: Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?


As Timbuk3 also points out in the title track of the same album.

 The future's been bright for so long now, it looks like dark to me

Paul Ryan as Number Two

By Jeff Simpson

This is the kind of stuff that justifies Twitter:

To keep the laughs going and lightened up for a bit, here is a video of "Number Two"(father of three and self proclaimed huge football fan) not knowing what Dabbing is,


I know that taking healthcare away from 20 million Americans is time consuming, but as a service here at CogDis, to Pink Slip Paulie, here is what Dabbing is:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nass Feels Manhood Threatened By UW Course On Masculinity

Republican Wisconsin State Representative Steve Nass, aka N. Ass, has a long history of being perpetually offended by the University of Wisconsin and has been a main proponent in slashing its budget over the past several years.

Nass' latest bit of faux outrage stems from feeling his manhood is being threatened by a six-week course on masculinity:
A University of Wisconsin-Madison program that explores masculinity amounts to a declaration of war on men and the university should be punished in upcoming budget deliberations, a Republican legislator said Wednesday.

UW-Madison offers a six-week program for undergraduate and graduate students called the Men's Project. It's open only to students who identify as male. Participants examine their masculinity and how it plays into pop culture, sexuality and "hook up culture," according to the program website.

Sen. Steve Nass, a frequent UW System critic, sent an email to his fellow lawmakers on Wednesday entitled "UW-Madison Declares War on Men and their Masculinity — Not a Joke." The email accuses UW-Madison of being part of a national liberal effort to rid male students of their "toxic masculinity."

The email comes less than three weeks after Nass and Republican Rep. Dave Murphy ripped the school for offering a course entitled "The Problem of Whiteness." They demanded legislators cut the UW System budget if UW-Madison didn't drop the class.

"Our friends at UW-Madison, not happy enough with labeling 'whiteness' as a societal problem, now are attacking another social ill ..., Men and their masculinity," the email says.

"The supposedly underfunded and overworked administrators at our flagship campus have scrapped (sic) together enough dollars to offer a six-week program open only to 'men-identified students," the email goes on. "In short, the highly paid leaders at UW-Madison now believe that Wisconsin mothers and fathers have done a poor job of raising their boys by trying to instill in them the values and characteristics necessary in becoming a Man."
As a result, Nass wants his fellow Republicans to attack the system again through the upcoming state budget. In other words, he wants to hit them with his purse.

The only thing I can't figure out is Nass is upset because his male ego is really just that fragile or if it is an extension of his hatred of anyone smarter than him, which is just about the entire state, with the possible exception of the fools that keep voting for him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dr. Evers In The Drivers Seat

By Jeff Simpson

Dr. Tony Evers, Superintendent of Public Instruction, term is up in 2017, and he has two challengers. In this officially non partisan position, Dr, Evers is considered too progressive to be allowed anywhere near our Government.  Dr. Evers, while somewhat too timid at times, is a solid supporter of public education.

With the election of the largest majority of Republicans in Madison since the 1950's, and this guy as President.  

With the whitewashing that the WISDEMS took just a couple months ago, the WISGOP smell blood and the WISDEMS have decided to fold em.    They even let the hyper partisan Annette Ziegler go unchallenged.

Apparently the cries of "It's about the Supreme Court" during the Hillary campaign, really meant nothing.

Luckily, Dr. Evers has decided to run for re-election and to try and stay as our last line of defense against American Federation for Children and the private school profiteers.

Formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen was able to find someone to run against Dr. Evers, so let the carousel of cash, start spinning and smearing his good name.

The problem is it will only work if WE LET IT WORK.

We know for a fact that Wisconsin supports public education, with approximately 80% rate.   Wisconsinites are supporting their local schools.

Secondly, we know that currently take about $160 million dollars directly from your child's public school.    The fact that they want to increase this number tremendously, which will also come from your child's/local public school, is a formula that is unsustainable for our state.   A few people will benefit, politicians will get more donations, and the vast majority of our children will suffer in the short and long term.   Try and sell your house when the local school district has to ask for double what they are asking now just for essentials and your kids are in classrooms of 40 students.  

Explain to the potential buyers that it is ok that their children will no longer have art, music or Phy ed. as offerings in their new district.    Should really help the resale value.

But wait there is more.

One things we also know is that it is incredibly hard to beat an incumbent.    Dr. Evers has turned back challengers every time, and has done so handily.

[hide]Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction General Election, 2013
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    NonpartisanGreen check mark transparent.pngTony Evers Incumbent61.1%487,030
    NonpartisanDon Pridemore38.7%308,050
Total Votes796,511

PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    NonpartisanGreen check mark transparent.pngTony Evers57.1%439,248
    NonpartisanRose Fernandez42.7%328,511
Total Votes768,664

Add on the fact that this will be two years into this guys term, in a Government completely run by extremist right wingers, who are salivating to make their first act to take healthcare away from 20 million Americans.

We know who they are, and we have seen their policies in action before.  

Why anyone would think that after two years of the Grimace's co-worker as President:

A guy who was hawking dollar hamburgers and talking to Grimace, is soon to be leader of the free world.    

Now is NOT the time for the opposition party to fold em and go home with their tails between their legs.   Its inexcusable that there is no competition for Ms. Ziegler but instead of worrying about and discussing Dr. Evers loss, let's start discussing why Dr. Evers will win!

Let's also start discussing picking up more seats and retaking the Senate.  We need to especially start talking about what the new Governor will be doing to move our state Forward when we retire this guy: