Monday, October 24, 2016

The Creeper For President!

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By Jeff Simpson

As we get closer to election day, I find myself just waiting for the pain to end.   It is the worst election cycle in my lifetime.   I am not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton at all, but I can not even fathom anyone voting for The Donald.   The fact that he is the Republican nominee, says everything you need to know about the state of the Republican party.   Under Reince Priebus the party has taken a HUGE turn to the far right!    They have practiced divide and conquer successful tactics and work very very hard to make anyone who is not far right the enemy.

That has led this moment in history where our children and grandchildren will look back upon us with disgust and shame and we will deserve it!

Think that many people on the right, and Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Scott Fitzgerald, Robin Vos, Dale Kooyenga, Reince Priebus, Mike Gallagher, Sean Duffy etc ..all endorsed and will be voting for someone for President of the United States who they would NOT leave alone in a room with their wife or daughter.

Let that sink in for a bit.

This is who they are supporting:

This is the person they are going to give their vote too, which is one of the cornerstones of our democratic republic:

There is the married Donald, eyeing up a minor while declaring her hired for whatever job she wants and then doing his infamous kissing of her(which you can do if your a star).

Maybe to help reduce the Bush Deficit, we could have a pay per view where family values Republicans, sit their kids down and explain to them why they are voting for The Donald!

I know I would tune in!

RoJo: I Don't Respect Feingold

RoJo has likened himself to Donald Trump, so it only makes sense that RoJo would emulate Trump by disrespecting anyone that doesn't agree with him, just like Trump.

In a recent interview with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, RoJo channeled his inner Trump and attacked Russ Feingold on a personal level:
As they reach the closing stages of their second race in six years, Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson offered a blunt assessment of his rival, Democrat Russ Feingold,

"I don't respect phoniness," Johnson said Friday during a meeting with reporters and editors at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Johnson made reference to a recent article in which Feingold said the past six years have given him a chance "to feel like a guy from Wisconsin who is leading a life that is similar to other people."

"Is that really a guy who has traveled around the state and really been part of Wisconsin?" Johnson asked. "No, that's a comment from a Washington elitist, someone who went to Harvard and Oxford, who has bamboozled folks here in Wisconsin that he's this independent, little maverick guy that has their best interests at heart."

Johnson's comments on Feingold were politically unusual but reflect a heated rivalry and a vigorous campaign.

In 2010, Johnson ousted Feingold, a three-term senator. But in this race — one of the more important contests in the country — Johnson has consistently trailed in the polls.

"I'll be frank with you, I'm not particularly happy with all the false attacks, the unbelievable negativity of his campaign against me," Johnson said.

Johnson was sharply critical of Feingold setting up Progressives United PAC after leaving the Senate. Johnson said Feingold spent the bulk of money raised "on himself, his shadow campaign, a money-making machine, a donor list. Are you shocked? He sold that donor list to his campaign. I call that corruption. I call that hypocrisy. I call that totally phony."
There he goes whining about the negative tone of the race, even as he is attacking Feingold on a personal level. Well, we just covered who is the real poo-flinger in this race so there is no need to rehash that.

But yet again, RoJo outdoes himself with his charges of phoniness. Not only is this do-nothing running a campaign on a totally fictitious record of accomplishments, he is also a major scam artist.

As he cries phoniness and corruption, let's not forget that he is the one that reimbursed himself $10 million from his business to cover his campaign expenses. And it wasn't even really his business, it was his father-in-law's company.

I hope whoever gets RoJo's office after he is ousted by Feingold knows someone who can clean the stench out and maybe get an exorcism done for good measure. That much evil has probably soaked into the entire place.

Kooky Kooyenga

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By Jeff Simpson

Dale Kooyenga, the Assembly rep, who was drunk on the Assembly floor during the budget debate, has a problem with arrogance.   The Assembly Rep from the 14th District, which covers Brookfield, Wauwatosa,Elm Grove and West Allis came up with a plan to take over the Milwaukee Public Schools and turn two schools a year into privately held charters.  It amazes me what the WISGOP will do, to be on the good side of Scott Jensen.

Kooyenga, who no one has ever accused of being a policy wonk, found out that the way he wrote the law, and thanks to some great work from the Milwaukee Public schools, no school in Wisconsin was eligible to be taken over.   A quick profit off the MPS inner city schools will have to wait for another day.

What does the person, who has helped oversee a drop in every economic measurement available and record debt have to say about improvement in the Milwaukee Schools(of which he does not represent)?

While MPS appears to be dodging the OSPP this year, it's not clear that it will go unscathed when Republican lawmakers — angered by its unwillingness to bend to the statute — return to Madison in January. Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), who authored the proposal with Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), said the Opportunity Schools plan was the right kind of pressure to put on the district, and that it could still be triggered if MPS slides backward in future years.
"I would think that's an incredible incentive for the district to improve its results, knowing that the consequence (for not improving) could be new governance," he said.
Kooyenga also said he would like to further embolden Driver to make changes in the district, with or without approval of the Milwaukee School Board.
"Rest assured, there will be more reforms," he said.
Why take credit for the success and promise to punish them even more, democratically elected school board be dammed.   Mr. Small Government Conservative will be back with more mandates for the Milwaukee Public Schools to follow.

But Wait there is more:

When Bernie won the state overwhelmingly this year in the primary, Dale K, was very confused.  So he did what most people do when they are confused, he wrote a column for a jibberish website that was loaded with jibberish. 

Dale, who played college basketball at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, was too busy to take an economics class but is not scared to show us he actually did skip economics.

#1 Dale Kooyenga (DK): Free College Tuition:   If Wisconsin liberals believe college should be affordable, then why do campus faculties largely oppose Wisconsin tuition freezes? Why are the Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly opposed to the tuition freeze contained in the last two state budgets? 

#1 Real World (RW):   Freezing tuition is fine, if it is accompanied with money to the University System to offset that.  As we know, costs rise every year, and while the WISGOP, have frozen tuition, they have also cut hundreds of millions of dollars of state aid from the University System,   A 5th grade average mathematician can figure out that when you drain the two main funding sources serious damage will occur.

The reality is the Dems oppose the tuition freeze because it coupled with other bad policy and costing major problems with the quality of our world class education.   Luckily the Democrats in Madison are advanced economically beyond fifth grade.

#2 DK:   Affordable Housing:    If Democrats have a monopoly on affordable housing, why is housing generally more expensive where liberal policies are strongest? Because over-regulation creates additional cost. Compare California and New York to Texas or Tennessee.

#2 RW:  Sometimes it boggles my mind the complete ignorance of right wing talking points.  Why is housing generally more expensive where liberal policies are strongest.   Umm Dale it is called this old little known (in Republican circles) called Supply and Demand.  

Why is housing more expensive in liberal bastians?  Because more people want to live there?  why do more people want to live there?  Because it usually means, more services, better schools, more local arts, lower unemployment, better jobs, better restaurants, etc...  

The fact we have to explain that to a sitting Assemblyman leaves me almost speechless.   

#3 DK: #BlackLivesMatter:  With very little fanfare or recognition, Wisconsin Republicans passed legislation that addresses a concern of the Black Lives Matter movement. Although most Republicans believe the vast majority of police officers act professionally and ethically, 2013 Wisconsin Act 348 mandates that officer-involved shootings include at least two investigators from outside the police department and require district attorneys to release the detailed reports of the officer-involved shooting to the public.

#3 RW:  Not sure what this has to do with #blacklivesmatter, but the reason that this legislation passed with very little fanfare or recognition is because Chris Taylor, one of the most Progressive members of the Wisconsin Legislature, wrote the bill.

No member of the Republican caucus is going to admit that the best legislation they passed in 6 years was written by a Progressive Democrat.  

#4 DK:  Consider Bernie's recent quote "You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants.” Imagine the response if you told all Millennials that the world of Bernie Sanders would include only one type of deodorant. The Bernie Sanders Millennials are unable to connect the fact that Socialism is government control of production. Bernie’s rationale could extend to beer, cars, etc...

#4 RW:   While Bernie has never ever been a true socialist and has always pointed out he is a Democratic Socialist, which means in no possible way does he want Government producing, deodorant, beer, shoes, etc...  Its unbelievable that Mr. Kooyenga would be so dishonest or misinformed.  The actual quote is:

You can't just continue growth for the sake of growth in a world in which we are struggling with climate change and all kinds of environmental problems. All right? You don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don't think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on.

Bernie clearly is pointing out that we need to wake up to see that a nation that has so much wealth should not have so much want and suffering.    It has nothing whatsoever to do with Bernie wanting to be President to make Brut by Faberge the only available after shave. 

#5 DK:  Presses the issue and is even more ignorant a second time.    Take comfort in this: most Bernie Sanders Millennials didn't know what they were voting for. Test Millennials yourself. Ask them, “What Wisconsin businesses would you like the government to own?”  They may be confused because they have been taught that Socialism is good, but not what Socialism is. A credible conversation points out that Socialism replaces individual liberty and choice with government decision- making. Historically, Socialism has failed and is currently causing humanitarian crises in places like Venezuela, Brazil, and Greece. 

#5 RW:   So Dale Kooyenga is certain that Bernie won the state handily because the people who voted for him are idiots.   Then shows us he has no idea whatsoever what Bernie stands for or what socialism is.  Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, where he understands that everyone in America deserves the same chance at success instead of the system we have now where the 1% have written advantage after advantage into our laws to make sure that they continue to have every advantage.  

By the way Big Dale, Brazil and Greece are both capitalistic economy and Greece was surviving until the banks took over and initiated an austerity program which crashed the economy.   

Sorry Dale, the people who supported Bernie Sanders, the ones who felt that "Berning sensation" knew exactly what they were voting for: an end to corporate control of our elections and politicians, an end to the practice where a CEO can pay himself $10,000,000 on a whim while your neighbor can work 50 hours a week and not have the money to fix his 8 year old car,  the end to the system where a black man can go to prison for months for being caught with a small amount of marijuana while a wall st Banker can fraud their clients and crash the economy and take a golden parachute with 7 zeros and vacation in the Caymans.   

Yes Dale they knew exactly what they were voting for that you can be certain! 

That all being said, we can no longer afford as a state to send such ignorance to Madison.   It is time to bring back common sense, civility and soberness to the Capitol in Madison and send Chris Rockwood to represent the 14th Assembly district,   

If you have a few minutes, please visit his website, and like his Facebook page, send him a few dollars and spend a couple hours knocking doors for him!   \

Your fellow Wisconsinites will thank you!    

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lyin' Ryan, The Great Unifier, Strikes Again

Breitbart has a seething article attacking Paul Ryan for not being supportive enough of Donald Trump's presidential bid. Most of the sniping it about Ryan not supporting The Donald's xenophobic, bigoted world view and immigration policy, for loving global economics and for not being dismissive of the Toupeed One's sexual predatory audio tape.

A taste of the vitriol:
Yet these attempts to seemingly sabotage Trump are hardly a recent development from Ryan. Over the last several months, the Speaker has made a habit of both of overtly and subtly undermining his party’s nominee.

Just prior to Trump’s cinching the Republican nomination, Ryan indicated to Capitol Hill reporters that he disavowed Trump’s campaign pledge to enforce U.S. immigration law. Ryan also made clear that he would not include Trump’s signature policy platforms on trade or immigration in the House GOP 2017 policy agenda. A recent report by The Atlantic spotlighted how Ryan, to this day, continues to oppose Trump on a wide range of issues from entitlements to infrastructure, to trade, to foreign alliances, to immigration, and to crime.

After Trump won his party’s nomination, Ryan dragged out his decision to endorse Trump for weeks—leaving voters with the distinct impression that Ryan does not consider the choice between Trump versus Clinton to be an easy one.

After he finally issued his tepid endorsement of Trump, Ryan continued to be one of Trump’s most frequent public critics—making repeated declarations in high-profile media appearances that would seem to undermine the party’s presumptive nominee.

Beyond simply what Ryan has said to seemingly undermine Trump, it’s also a matter of what Ryan has not said. For instance, Ryan has scarcely discussed the WikiLeaks revelations regarding Hillary Clinton or the pay-for-play tactics of the Clinton Foundation. Nor has Ryan forcefully spoken out against Clinton’s declaration to Goldman Sachs that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American”—an astonishing statement given the fact that according to Pew polling data, 83% of the American electorate would like to see immigration levels frozen or reduced.

Instead, Ryan has seemed much more aggressive in attacking Trump during interviews about the election than he has been in going after Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Ryan has frequently given fuel to many of the corporate media’s narratives against Trump—by not only refusing to defend his party’s nominee against his critics, but also by subsequently joining in on the left’s pile on of Trump after the nominee was forced to fight back against his critics himself.
Aw, that just makes my liberal heart bleed for all of them.

Another point of interest, although it's not clear if it is factual or just based on Breitbart's wet dreams, is that Ryan isn't long for the speaker's seat.

I'd hope that he isn't long for Congress, but I'd take that as a start.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

RoJo Flings Poo In Latest Ad

In RoJo's latest ad, he goes back to exploiting his family who he has bemoaning the state of politics, especially this year, but goshdarnit, they need good old dad in Washington to clean things up.

Yeah, OK, right.

Let's just ignore the fact that the only things that RoJo had done for the last six years is use his spot as Chair of of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to repeatedly abuse his position to run political attacks against Hillary Clinton (Benghazi!!!) and unsuccessfully attempt to repeal Obamacare scores of times.

It is ironic that RoJo and kids are crying about dirty politics and false ads. Unless, of course, they are talking about the anti-Russ Feingold ad that had to be pulled by three TV stations because it was so false. Even though the ad was run by one of the Kochs multitude of dark money groups, RoJo continues to try to keep up that line of attack even to this day.

Talk about slow learners.

Then again, it might be that RoJo and his dark money masters are trying to cover up his own ineptitude regarding a scandal that happened at a VA center in northern Wisconsin, as this Feingold ad so clearly points out:

But hypocrisy, misdirection and down right lying is the norm for any Republican.

What is really shocking and disgusting is that RoJo that it was a cutesy, homey thing to fling a dirty diaper across the kitchen, including over the dinner table, which had a bowl of fruit sitting right there.

I tell ya, if RoJo ever invites you over for dinner, you might want to be have other plans that night.

Mandy Wright Under Attack

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By Jeff Simpson

I told you before that Mandy Wright was under attack by Scott Jensen.   Two years ago, Jensen spent about $150,000 smearing Ms. Wright and was able to beat her by 86 votes.   The nameless stooge that Jensen bought into office decided not to run again so now they are running former, very small market right wing radio host - Patty Snyder.

Scott Jensen got less than he bargained for and because he found such a weak candidate, he has to spend more money   This year Mr. Jensen has spent well over $200,000 of the Michigander's DeVos family money, to send their employee to Madison.

In a district that has been devastated by lay offs at places such as Wausau Papers, Federal Mogul Wausau Insurance, SNE Enterprises etc... and Scott Jensen is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to smear Ms. Wright so they can tap even more into public education funds.  

Formerly convicted felon, Scott Jensen, actually leads the organization American Federation For Children (AFC) even though he would not be qualified to work in any public school district in Wisconsin.  In other words, the guy who many people are trusting to decide what we do with our public education money, is not qualified to work with our children.  

Not only is Mr. Jensen not professionally qualified, he is not intellectually qualified either.  The ad that he is running(trust me no one spends his money without his approval) is written in his best Trumpesque, 7th grade neener neener, pee wee herman like text that, would earn a 6th grader a D-, you need to do better from any teacher in America.  

“My mom and dad taught me to always keep my promises. They say I have to if I want people to trust me. I heard them say this teacher, Mandy Wright, wants to get elected, but she doesn’t keep her promises. My mom said she promised to help schools, but she voted against giving them $300 million dollars. My dad said she promised to help veterans, like him, but she said no to extra money to help them too. They also say Mandy Wright promised to take care of old people, like my grandma and grandpa, but she said no to helping them with their medicine. And she got a fine for lying. She called in sick at her school, so the kids had no teacher, but she wasn’t even sick! So if Mandy Wright broke all these promises, I don’t think I can trust her. I bet that’s why she lost the last election. Why would anyone want to vote for Mandy Wright in this election?”
Seriously, overlooking that there is zero truth anywhere in the ad (except that Mandy Wright is a teacher), it looks like it was written by someone who lost a writing contest at Liberty University.

While the whole thing is absurd, I want to focus on one line:

She called in sick at her school, so the kids had no teacher, but she wasn’t even sick! 

I was not aware that Pat Snyder, Scott Jensen, Scott Walker etc... had their medical degrees and are able to diagnose sickness, especially from afar ( I am curious if they ever complained about Scott Walker's 3 months of drunkenness on the taxpayer dollar last summer. but that is another post).  

If anyone has ever attended Milwaukee brewers opening day, they would know that 40,000 + people are all together trying to recover from the illness they called in sick for.   Anyone that has a clue on how our schools work, know that when a teacher calls in sick, the school district calls in a sub so never in a child's school career do they "have no teacher".

It is a disgusting, childish, ridiculous ad, and anyone that would run such a commercial, does not deserve your vote for anything, but maybe a "most corrupt politician" reality TV show.  

Please, our friends in the 85th Assembly district, please send Mandy Wright back to Madison!  The rest of the state is counting on you!

Here is Mandy Wrights website and like her Facebook page, check her out, give her a few bucks, knock some doors for her and/or call your friends in the district.

Every vote counts!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scott Jensen - Trump Crazy Before It Was Cool

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By Jeff Simpson 

In the final Trump V Clinton debate, Donald Trump finished the debate, the way he began - pure craziness.

Cue the outrage, which started almost immediately.

Threatening to upend a fundamental pillar of American democracy, Donald Trump refused to say Wednesday night that he will accept the results of next month's election if he loses to Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee declared Trump's resistance "horrifying."
Trump had spent the days leading up to the third and final presidential debate warning voters that the election would be "rigged." Asked whether he would accept the outcome if Clinton emerges victorious, he said, "I will tell you at the time. I'll keep you in suspense."
Trump's assertions raise the prospect that millions of his supporters may not accept the results on Nov. 8 if he loses, thrusting the nation into uncharted territory. Free and fair elections, with the vanquished peacefully stepping aside for the victor, have been the underpinning of America's democratic tradition since the country's founding 240 years ago.
The Republican National Committee immediately disavowed Trump's statement. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and election officials across the country have denied and denounced Trump's charges.

Apparently the national press corp, Hillary Clinton and members of the RNC have never been to Wisconsin.   Once again, we were Trump Crazy before it was cool.   Although instead of Scott Fitzgerald, this time it is his boss, formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen.

 * Republican insiders discussed ginning up concerns over voter fraud in the days after then-Supreme Court Justice David Prosser narrowly defeated challengerJoAnne Kloppenburg in April 2011."Do we need to start messaging 'widespread reports of election fraud' so we are positively set up for the recount regardless of the final number? I obviously think we should," wrote Steve Baas, a senior vice president with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, to a group of conservative operatives on April 6, 2011, a day after the Prosser-Kloppenburg contest."Yes. Anything fishy should be highlighted," wrote former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, a Republican. "Stories should be solicited by talk show hosts."

We know with the benefit of hindsight, that when Scott Jensen said "jump", Vicki Mckenna said "how high".   While she knows what side her bread is buttered on, and needs to keep her bosses happy to keep her show on the air, the end result is the same.   They wanted to make sure that if by chance Judge Kloppenburg actually won the election after the recount that no one would accept her as legit.  

How is that different exactly?  

Private School Subsidy for Special Education Raises Concerns About Quality and Cost

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By Kathleen Vinehout 

"When you write about tax money going to private schools, please tell people about special education vouchers,” a rural school board member told me. “Because of a change in state law, our school district is paying for special education students to sit at home in front of a computer.”

October is budget time for school districts. The rural school board member just saw the new budget and learned of the high cost for special needs students who are now attending an online school with $12,000 per student of school funds. The school board member asked that I not mention the district or his name to protect the privacy of local students.

The story of how school districts are paying private or online schools $12,000 per special needs student with little guarantee to parents or taxpayers of the quality of that education reads like a litany of everything wrong with state government.

The plan originated in secret. A budget amendment was made available to the public well after midnight. The vote was speedy and partisan. The document was long and complex. Many other controversial actions were included in the same amendment. The motion passed in the wee hours of the morning. Few paid attention to the details related to special education vouchers and open enrollment.

Now the cost is hitting local school board budgets.

Late last May, GOP leaders introduced a 29-page amendment to the state budget. One of the provisions, scheduled to go into effect this September, allowed special education students to attend private schools with a $12,000 public subsidy. Another provision nearly doubled the cost of open enrollment for a special education student and barred the child’s home school district from stopping the transfer due to financial reasons. 

The latter provision opened the door for local special education students to attend on-line schools like “Wisconsin Virtual Academy.”

However, press attention at the time focused on controversial changes like allowing persons without a college degree to be public school teachers or forcing public schools to accept private school students on their athletic teams. Much attention focused on the plans to take control away from the Milwaukee School Board.

A group called “Stop Special Needs Vouchers” made up of concerned parents worked against the plan. These parents raised critical questions about sending tax money to private schools. They saw risks for students who attended private schools and a drain on sorely needed resources for students who stayed in public schools.

The group warned parents that children in a private school would lose rights and protections under federal law. Special education students are guaranteed needed services. Services might include speech therapy, assistance from a reading specialist, or occupational therapy. Private schools are not required to hire special education teachers or therapists. Nor are they required to follow a student’s Individualized Education Plan. 

The families of “Stop Special Needs Vouchers” warned legislators that taking $12,000 per student away from public schools meant less money would be available for special needs students who remained in the district.

I spoke with one local superintendent whose district loses $12,000 per special education student but only received $2,400 in state aid per student. The district’s money goes to Wisconsin Virtual Academy. WVA is operated by K12, Inc. a publically traded company co-founded by William Bennett former Secretary of Education under President Reagan.

With so much money leaving a district through a variety of private school subsidies, it is hard to balance the budget.

“Why are schools going to referenda? To survive,” the superintendent told me.

Superintendents and school board members are worried the move to isolating special needs children in special schools or virtual schools changes forty years of policy to educate special needs students in the least restrictive environment.

“The biggest problem is that the kids aren’t getting much in terms of education,” said the rural school board member. “The special education student is going to suffer the rest of their lives because of a poor education.”

Paul Ryan - Where Are You?

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By Jeff Simpson

Ryan Solen is the Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin.  He is challenging some guy you may have heard of  - Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.).    However, Mr. Ryan who is currently the Speaker of the House(the third most powerful position in America), is ducking the debate.  

While its an overplayed cliche, there is some ring of truth to it in terms of if you can't stand up to your political opponent in a moderated debate, how can you possible stand up to ISIS.  

Ryan Solen has done all the leg work for a debate to happen from setting the time, securing the venue, etc.... now all he needs is Paul Ryan to actually respect the people of the 1st Congressional district and show up!  

The following invite was delivered to Mr. Ryan's office recently:

                                                                                                                          October 18, 2016

Dear Mr. Speaker,

My name is Ryan Solen and I am your Democratic opponent. I have been attempting to contact you since we each won our primaries in August as I would like to engage with you in that great American campaign tradition: a debate. I have decided to make it easy for you and have set one up. All you need to do is attend.

I have booked Blackhawk Technical College, located in your hometown of Janesville at 6004 South County Road G, for October 29 from 2PM to 4PM. The room holds up to 250 people and will be open to the public. Mike Daly, host of the Daly Show on WBEL “The Big AM” 1380 is set to moderate and the station will broadcast the debate live. Additional media will be invited and may broadcast or record the event. I will be happy to meet with you or your representative ahead of time to discuss the debate format.

Please RSVP by October 28 at 5PM, the day before the debate. I know you are very busy and I want to give you plenty of time to get your schedule set to include this debate. You can contact my Chief of Staff, Lauren Young, to RSVP by phone at 404-788-8096 or by email at

Looking forward to a great debate with you!


Ryan Solen

Let's hope that Mr. Ryan has the respect for our democratic process to show up and debate.

In the meantime, Mr. Solen can use some help.   Send him a few bucks or a couple hours of your time.   You can reach him via his facebook page or his website!   Watch his Wisconsin Eye interview here.

My name is Ryan Solen. I am a husband, father of four children as well as an Iraq war veteran, and former Army officer. I am well versed in how to get tasks accomplished, regardless of who I may be working with. At one point in my life, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That oath has not changed, nor has it expired. I am more concerned with what is right than what will get me re-elected. I made a commitment that I would not accept funds from corporations, organizations, or PACs. Votes are not to be bought. They should be earned. I believe our leadership and our representatives should be held to a higher standard.Some of the things that I believe will help us the most:
• Balance the budget and pay-off the national debt to put the ~$260 Billion in interest payments to better use.
• Universal health care to ensure a healthy and productive population.
• Investment in our crumbling infrastructure.
• Reform university tuition and student loan regulations.
• Revise and simplify the tax code.
• Protect Social Security; raise the taxable income cap on it, and prevent any privatization of the system.
• Strict term limits on the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rush Limbaugh - The Anti Cupid

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By Jeff Simpson 

Rush Limbaugh, the voice of the Republican Party. has a problem with women.   He called a college woman who had the gall to say she wanted access to birth control. a slut.   It does not stop there,  Now El Rushbo is in full crazy, defending The Donald, who was bragging about sexually assaulting anyone he feels.  

The hard core righty, and voice of the GOP. is heard on almost 600 radio stations.   Now we see why he is so popular amongst Republican(emphasis mine)s:

Addressing what he referred to as the “Donald Trump sex-talk scandal,” Limbaugh lamented America’s lack of moral standards, marked (it would seem) by the left’s willingness to let other people have whatever kind of sex they please, provided everyone involved wants it.
“You know what the magic word, the only thing that matters in American sexual mores today is?” Limbaugh asked no on in particular on his talk radio show Wednesday. “One thing.”
“You can do anything, the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything, as long as there is one element,” he continued. “Do you know what it is? Consent.”
This is stunning to Limbaugh.
“If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine,” Limbaugh continued. “Whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police.”
“But consent is the magic key to the left,” he added.

 And the law of course, but that is a minor detail.    

I guess when you get arrested coming home from the Dominican Republic loaded with viagra,  and have been married four times, apparently there are deeper issues than his racism and sexism.

And people are surprised that Donald Trump burst on the scene?  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

David Clarke: Outrageous Wingnut Or Hypocritical Sellout?

The Interwebs are abuzz with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's latest outrageous tweet:

It makes one wonder why Milwaukee County's top cop is trying to incite a riot. If he wasn't the sheriff and if Wisconsin's governor and attorney general as corrupt as they are, he might have been investigated for misconduct in office.

But, as the gentle reader might have guessed, there's more. There's always more.

As if Clarke's tweet trying to incite an open riot wasn't bad enough and only serves to highlight his outlandishness, it also shines a light on his hypocrisy.

Clarke, as it turns out, is even more corrupt as those he would have us riot against:
This "America's Sheriff" gig is certainly paying off for David A. Clarke Jr.

The Milwaukee County sheriff burst on the national scene not quite two years ago with his mix of pro-cop rhetoric and searing blasts at Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama. Clarke's sudden rise to national prominence, earning him the nickname America's Sheriff, has been accompanied by an equally dramatic jump in his outside income.

Clarke's ethics disclosures show that he brought in slightly more than $150,000 in speaking fees, travel reimbursements, gifts and other items during 2015 — more than what he made as Milwaukee County sheriff, a job that pays $132,290 annually.

Notably, Clarke received a $40,000 trip to Israel and Russia funded largely by the National Rifle Association, earned $26,000 in speaking fees, locked up $22,500 in car services to shuttle to his various media appearances, took a plane flight valued at $9,000 to speak at an Idaho conference and scored playoff basketball tickets from the Milwaukee Bucks' GM.


During 2015, private groups or individuals paid $51,840 in airfare for Clarke to fly to 25 events, meetings or speaking engagements. That included $9,110 in airfare for Clarke, donning cowboy hat and uniform, to speak at the 33rd annual Allen & Co. conference — a four-day retreat for moguls and media figures — in Sun Valley, Idaho, on July 10, 2015. Overall, he had 11 flights that cost more than $1,000.

Among other items given to the sheriff in 2015 were:
  • $26,000 in honorariums for speeches he gave to seven groups. His biggest was a $10,000 payment from the National Shooting Sports Foundation — the trade association for the firearms industry — for a talk at the group's annual trade show on Jan. 19, 2015. He was also given a $1,159 firearm.
  • Two $175 tickets to a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game against the Chicago Bulls from general manager John Hammond on April 23, 2015. He also received four $58 tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers game on Aug. 14, 2015, against the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • $22,500 in car services for media interviews. Clarke's form says this expense occurred in 2016, even though the report was supposed to cover only 2015 and was signed in January 2016.
  • $600 annual membership to the exclusive National Republican Club of Capitol Hill. Clarke, who runs as a Democrat but lines up politically with Republicans, likes to say he belongs to neither political party.
  • A black powder muzzleloader valued at $350 for winning the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award in 2015 at the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of thousands of GOP activists. Clarke's campaign reimbursed CPAC a little more than $3,000 for his expenses for this event.
If the gentle reader is thinking, "There oughta be a law!" against this sort of stuff, well, there is:
A former attorney for Milwaukee County says Clarke may have trouble justifying all of his gifts and expenses from last year.

"County ethics code is confusing, contradictory, frustrating," said the former official, who asked not to be named. "(But) Clarke’s fees, trips, meals, etc., seem a clear violation."

The ex-county attorney said it appears that Clarke is being given gifts and being paid fees to give speeches because of his position as sheriff.

The trips, in particular, do not seem to have any benefit to the county, the ex-county attorney said. They are not generating grant money for Milwaukee County or bringing support for positions taken by the County Board or the executive.

"Most of his trips are not publicized, or not until after the fact," the former county attorney said. "They are not publicized or promoted in any fashion beneficial to the county, only to himself."
Like I said at the beginning of this, if the governor and attorney general weren't as corrupt as they are, Clarke would be investigated and charged.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Paul Ryan Rallies The (Wrong) Troops

Image result for woman tied to railroad trackBy Jeff Simpson

Today, Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) capped off a very bad week.  He started it last weekend when the GOP held a rally in Elkhorn, WI.

While it was full of the standard red meat of people who make it a family affair and show up in their best "Trump that Bitch" T-shirt.  While the media eats it up, because they can run around and interview people who you sweat just came from Glenn Grothman's family reunion (by the way he has an incredible opponent this election, Sarah Lloyd, and the world will owe the 6th Congressional District a debt of gratitude if you send her to Washington!),

The real drama at this rally though, was what was going on that night before.  The "pussy" tape was revealed that day and that night, the Donald went from headliner, just another speaker to uninvited.  Paul Ryan wanted to distance himself from The Donald who he thought was finally becoming toxic, so he invited  his Vice Presidential running mate,

Apparently there is someone with common sense is in the Ryan inner circle because they informed Mr. Ryan that inviting Mr. Pence was NOT distancing himself from The Donald.   Then Mr. Pence was unceremoniously dumped.

Lost in the shuffle, was the fact that Paul Ryan put out a statement on the Donald's sexual assault tapes and was almost as condescending and misogynist:

“Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified." 

Paul Ryan is sure that it was his rib that eve was made from, and he will "champion" all women.   It is understandable, because thanks to his wife's family fortune(sounds familiar) he is able to continue his wine habits.   

Lucky for Mr. Ryan, the media kowtows to him and never brings up his actual record with the women he has "championed".  For instance, he held a meeting on women's access to contraception  and had a total of zero women invited to the conversation.   Apparently he was revering them from afar.    Let's also not forget this gem where he champions the ability of women to not have an abortion if they get pregnant after being raped(how many lil Donnies would be running around if that were law) 

A good post at Kos, runs down Paul Ryan's record with women:

And what about you, Paul Ryan? How have you personally “championed” women? Was it in 1998 when you said that women should be criminally prosecuted for terminating pregnancies? When you tried to prevent women serving overseas in our military from having abortions in U.S. military hospitals even when they paid for it out of their own pockets? How about when you worked with Todd Akin to narrow the legal definition of rape to “forcible rape”? Or maybe it was in 2009 when you co-sponsored the “Sanctity of Life” Act which declared a fertilized egg a “person” and outlawed abortions, most forms of contraception and in-vitro fertilization? The numerous times you have voted to defund Planned Parenthood? In 2011 when you supported the “Let Women Die Bill” that allowed hospitals to refuse to terminate pregnancies even when the woman’s life was in danger?Was it when you opposed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? Opposed paid family leave? 
The The Donald, having had a night to digest what happened, did what he does best - go unhinged on Twitter:

Then Mr. Ryan closed out the week at a semi hyped speech he gave to the UW College Republicans, who are chaired by Alex Walker.   Ryan, the great uniter who is sick of the vitriol this election, gave a speech about the evils of some thing he made up called "LiberalProgressivism".    Apparently this Liberal Progressivism is the root of all evil.   After his speech laming liberals for everything from the Billy the Kid to the Berlin wall to Billy Bush, he then took "questions" from the college kids.   Amazingly, these "completely random" questions, never once mentioned some guy name Donald Trump. 

Of course when it came time to face the actual reporters, Ryan turned into Houdini and escaped immediately.   Paul Ryan is prepared to take the fight to ISIS but not prepared to answer a question from Molly Beck or Jessie Opoien.

Then, Paul Ryan ended his week making the case for Russ Feingold.   Seriously.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Residents Question Public School Money Going to Private Schools

Image result for public education

By Kathleen Vinehout 

"I am paying for private schools with my taxes?” the women from Pepin asked following my presentation at a recent Town Hall meeting. “Yes, you are,” I told her.

Residents were surprised at the sharp increase in the state spending on private schools – nearly a doubling in seven years. At the same time, Pepin School District lost nearly half of its state support. With less state money, property taxes made up a larger share of school support.

Wisconsin has funded private schools in Milwaukee by taking money from local public schools for a long time. 

With passage of the last state budget, private and independent charter schools in southeast Wisconsin cost state tax coffers $645 million.

As I explained at the Town Hall Meeting, this is only the beginning of putting a price tag on private school spending buried in the state budget. Much of the cost of private school students bore by public schools is not transparent.

For example, public schools must pay to transport private school students. One Pepin resident asked why her neighbor was paid by the state to take her child to a private school. The cost, bore by the Pepin School District, was less expensive than sending a school bus to transport the child.

Public schools districts pick up other private school costs. The cost of special education services come out of the local public school budgets for some private school students.

Over the past few years, payments for private schools directly from local public school districts rose as the statewide “voucher” or private school subsidies grew.

The most recent state budget removed limits on how many students from a school district can go to a private school at the expense of the public school district – and local taxpayers.

Consequently, some districts – like Eau Claire – experienced a quadrupling of students leaving public school and going to private school on the taxpayer’s dime.

State law sets the amount of money coming from a public school district at about $7,800 for high school students and about $7,200 for elementary students. Some public school districts may receive much less aid per public student from the state. For example, the Eau Claire school district received about $5,100 per student in state aid but paid out about $7,800 per private high school student leaving local property taxpayers to pick up the difference between those amounts. 

Wisconsin property taxpayers already pick up 41 cents of every school dollar spent compared to Minnesota property taxpayers’ 25 cents of every school dollar. These numbers are from a recent United States Census Bureau report using data from the 2014 school year.

Costs of private school subsidies will continue to grow even if more students do not opt for a private school education at the public’s expense. Buried in details of the most recent state budget is an automatic increase in the amount sent to private schools for each student regardless of whether or not the public school receives any increase in state support.

One of the Pepin Town Hall attendees reminded me that I made no mention of the tax credit for private school tuition also passed in a recent budget. The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau pegs the cost of this credit at $11.5 million in tax year 2014.

Recent news from Madison described another new scheme for private schools – a type of tax-free private school savings account. Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) described the proposal as an account that could be used to pay for private school tuition and other costs. Parents either could use a debit card to access the money or by reimbursed for their expenses.

Wisconsin does not need any more plans to siphon public school money away from local schools. In a recent press release, statewide education leader and Eau Claire schoolteacher, Ron Martin said it best “Education savings accounts literally take money out of our neighborhood public schools and hands it over to subsidize private tuition, with zero accountability.”

Fired From The Freeman

By Jeff Simpson 

Jimmy Wigderson, who for some reason has been writing a poor column in the Waukesha Freeman and luckily for the people of Waukesha County it is finally coming to an end.  

Wiggy announced it in his blog with exactly the attitude that you would expect.  First he explained it in his view.  First he plays the hero:

 I suspect there will be some speculation that it’s because of my “Never Trump” stance.

No.  No one will think that can we move on  

No, as much as I’d like to pretend I’m a martyr, it’s the result of economics.

Finally a factual statement on   Yes Jim does love to play the martyr and yes it does have to do with economics.  When you print crap and no one reads it, it makes no sense to pay some one to write crap.   Besides have you seen the Walker economy?  Businesses need to cut costs, anywhere they possibly can! 

His final column was regurgitated crap about the John Doe Investigation.   It is full of too much BS, to share here but (in the interest of anyone being curious, here is one of the more uninteresting lines.   
Never mind that if there was anything illegal in the emails that were seized by the partisans at the GAB; the prosecutors there would have happily have gone after the governor or any of his supporters. 

How do you fit so much BS in one sentence?   Most of the GAB had ties to the Republican party.    After reading #walkerdocs, the prosecutors did go after Walker, who had to spend north of a million dollars hiring two criminal defense to make sure he did not get charged.  Finally, amongst his supporters, numerous were given immunity and 6 of his closest inner circle members were actually convicted and sent to jail.    

It takes four lines of fact checking to counter one line of Jimmy's BS.  

Finally, and this is rich, he is such a good person and "Martyr" that he asks you to please withhold your prayers for him, he still has plenty of wing-nut welfare to fall back upon.  

But don’t worry about me. I still have my regular gig as the education reporter for Wisconsin Watchdog, I’m still a contributor to Right Wisconsin and the MacIver Institute, and I even have an article for WPRIbeing published soon.Instead, our prayers go out to our friends who have lost more than a weekly freelance column at the Waukesha Freeman. Good luck to them in the future.

As for the future, maybe, just maybe there is hope for the printed media.   Anytime a media outlet gets rid of one of their biggest Bullshitters(I am talking to you Charlie Sykes), there is cause to celebrate.  

Let's hope we see more of this!  And soon!